Dot Mattson

Dot Mattson

NH VFW Aux President

“”Dot’s Theme:   “Suicide Awareness”


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Special Project:   22 A Day “Every day in the United States, 22 veterans succumb to suicide — losing their personal battle to invisible wounds of war”

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June 2 & 3 Convention Banquet Ticket PICKUP

Hello, Everyone.  We are coming close to the end of the fundraising time for Ways & Means for 2023-2024.  We have discussed and decided to run a Calendar Raffle for May, 2023.  The prizes will be $100 per day and $500 on May 30th, Memorial Day.  The Calendars are $20 each.  The folks handling this fundraiser are Kim Copson (603/475-4427 or; Tracy Kelley (603/305-7003 or; and Julie DeRubeis (603/546-5533 or
Please contact any of these ladies if you can help sell any of the Calendars or if you wish to purchase one or more of the Calendars.
We all thank you so very much for your support.
Linda K. Meader

Department Secretary 2022-2023

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NH VFW Aux Officer News

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Linda Meader, Secretary

Carol Harvey, Treasurer

Tracy Kelley, Membership

Hi ladies,

SOME GOOD NEWS!!!  The Pelham 1024 submittal was ‘COMPLETED’.  Yay!  One down!  This tells me that the 1024 submittal had everything they needed and is done.
I tried to then go in and do the 990N form for Pelham.  Bad news, it was still “rejected”.   Said that the  “EIN of the filer in the Return Header must be established as an exempt organization filer in the e-file database.”  AHHHHHH!!!!!
So, I put a call in to Jeff Flynn who is the IRS guy we have a direct # for.  I asked him to give me a call back.  It may just mean that the e-file database still isn’t updated yet.  Not sure.
Good news, the system DID allow me to at least File!  We weren’t able to even do that before.
So we’re making progress.  In the meantime, I’ve been diligently collecting pics of charters and audits from across the state.  We are still missing items.
As of today April 8, 2023, Charters STILL needed  (10) (MUST say AUXILIARY, NOT LADIES)
Raymond, Plymouth, Bartlett, Claremont, Littleton, Laconia, Ossippee, Charleston, Hindsdale, Dist. 4
I’m also missing audits still from the following:  (15)
Plymouth, Somersworth, Bartlett, Jaffrey, Claremont, Littleton, Derry, Franklin, Berlin, Milton, Charlestown, Merrimack, Hindsdale, Dist. 5, Dist. 7
See Treasurer tab for link on more information.  I’ve already reached out to Donna Ralston again as well.
Linda/Carol – You will be talking to these people soon I’m sure about getting installation reports, end of year stuff, etc.
Please be sure to ask these people for either the picture of their Charter or the Audits or BOTH as needed.
Have them email me a pic of the Charter to
They can either email me the audits or send hard copies to:  319 Mammoth Rd., Pelham, NH  03076
If I don’t get this info by the C of A, I will be announcing  WHO is still delinquent.
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