On-Line Reporting Tutorials

Forms to gather reports from your members.  USE WHICHEVER ONE WORKS BEST FOR YOUR AUXILIARY!
These all do the same thing.  Gather information about what your members have done .  Collect these forms monthly and give them blank ones for the new month.
All Program Report Form – – Blank form to print and give to members to fill out.
Report gathering form example  – Example of how to fill it out
Report gathering form – Different blank form to print and give to members to fill out.
Reporting_Form – PDF version of different form that can be printed and distributed to members each month
Reporting_Form – Excel version that can be typed into
Helpful Website/Reporting information
 VFW Reporting Description –  Written by Cdr. Glenn Della-Monica in Hudson.  VFW specific but most of it also applies to the Aux.
District Presidents and Program Chairs, scroll to the bottom for specific information.
IMPORTANT, You MUST check the “Auxiliary” box when entering your reports in order for the Auxiliary to get credit.  If nothing is checked, the system will assume that the report is a VFW report.
VFW – Don’t select the Aux. box.  Otherwise the system will assume it all an Auxiliary entry.   Auxiliary will enter the auxiliary reports, making sure to click the Auxiliary box each and every time!  If a VFW member enters their auxiliary reports, don’t combine reports with the VFW.  Do the VFW report with your members, then do the Auxiliary report with their members and check Auxiliary!
I would suggest before you submit any reports, you open each program and view the drop downs in each to familiarize yourself as to what is to be reported where.  For example:
Veterans and Family Support:
VASH donations – The Hospital Chair knows about these needs and puts out the email, VASH donations should be split and reported under Veterans and Family Support and Hospital.  However, VASH is a drop down in the VFS program section.
Homeless Veteran Assistance (Stand Down for instance, donations to Liberty House or Harbor Homes, etc.) should be reported under the VFS program, Homeless Veteran Assistance drop down.
Community Service:
There are a lot of drop downs.  These are things that people do for folks who are NOT veterans.  So visiting sick folks who are not veterans would go under here instead of “Hospital”.
The $2 Cancer donations they want us to give has a drop down under Community Service, as does any donations to any Cancer organizations (such as Relay for Life, any Cancer Walks like Susan Kolman, etc.)  Any Senior Citizen assistance (when you’re not sure if they were all veterans or not), Blood Drives should go under here, church activities, etc.
Utilize the various on-line reporting tutorials accessible on this website.
You are always welcome to contact me directly.  ritalavfw10722@aol.com or call at 603-635-1540.  Leave a message if I don’t pick up and I will call you back.
It’s concise, easy to understand, automatically totaled and I’m looking forward to seeing this improve our reporting numbers for both the Auxiliary and the VFW.
We are adopting the VFW’s login and password info because our online reporting system is now incorporated into theirs.
Therefore, in order to see the numbers by District the user names and passwords are as follows:
dist1cmdr      password – d1
dist2cmdr d2
dist3cmdr d3
dist4cmdr d4
dist5cmdr d5
dist6cmdr d6
dist7cmdr d7
You select the Auxiliary.  It’s going to still be the heading of “Post” instead of Auxiliary, but if you click on “show” under the Auxiliary, it will be Auxiliary only numbers you see.
User name and Password For all programs
username is progrd
password is  prog

Everyone will be able to access all the programs, but find 

  • Auxiliary All State Totals
  • then click on “Show”.

You can then click on YOUR program and see who’s done what.

I hope this will be easier for everyone to remember.  Again, these user names and passwords cannot be changed.  It’s what the VFW has been using and now we’re using the same ones since we’re accessing the same system.
If anyone has questions, let me know.
Rita McCabe, Webmaster