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Installation Report 2022 2023

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Dreusicke Award Email For Nominations

2021-2022 Auxiliary President Checklist to Success

2021-2022 District President Checklist to Success

Aux Pres Warp 5 Award Criteria

District Pres Warp 4.5 Award Criteria

2021-2022 Tentative Schedule v1 (4)

a 2021-2022 AUXILIARY inspection form

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*****VFW_Auxiliary_Membership-Application_Fillable Rev. 6-26-21


FILLABLE 2021-2022 Warrant and Installation Report-Auxiliaries_Districts

FILLABLE Delegate and Alternate form

Department Convention Delegate and Alternate Form EX 2021

District Delegate Form 2021

National Convention Delegates 2021

Hospital Donation Form WRJ                     Hospital donation form VAMC                 Hospital Donation form NHVH Tilton

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Monthly Suspension Report Form in PDF

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Key to Success #1 – Investigating Committee

Blank Aux. Contemporary Meeting Agenda and Motions

1. District President Guide 11.30.15

2. Dist. Pres. Coming for Inspection 11.30.15

8. Officer Change Form rev. 11.30.15


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Cancer Grant Application Rev. 6-18

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Building on the Auxiliary Foundation (1)

Constructive Meetings – Jean Hamil

Investigating Committees 2018-3

SWAP, Thinking OTB, SOA

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