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Welcome to the New Department of NH Auxiliary Website!

 The new website url is:  When you first search for this, the site will come up and have the latest news scrolling through.  Wait a few moments to see the latest postings from around the State.   See one of the new items below and what the new site looks like.  NOTE:  The links along the very top:   Welcome, About Us, Dept. Officers etc. If you click on Join, you will get basic info about membership and the current membership chairperson’s name and email address will be listed. 

Under Dept. Officers there’s News from the President, Membership Chair, Secretary, etc.   From the Secretary is where the General Information will be posted each month with all the attachments.  You can also find much of that information under the individual Programs.  This website is a WEALTH OF INFORMATION!!

If you click on News and Events, then Calendar, you will be able to see upcoming events from around the Department all in one place!!!  We encourage Auxiliaries to USE this Calendar and insert your Auxiliary events into it.  Department events will be loaded as well.  The hope is that the Auxiliaries can get their events out to a wider audience across the Dept. and it gives members the ability to attend other Auxiliary functions and perhaps even work around other functions that might be going on.  If you know when your functions are going to be, let Carol Harvey know.  She will get them out to all the Auxiliaries and I will put them into the on-line calendar. CHECK IT EVERY DAY to see what’s coming up!

Now, click through the links such as Programs  to read important information and see other drop down menus to other program pages. About Us – Has a link to the Department Officers and the Auxiliary Directory.   Tools-Reporting Login you will access the On-Line Reporting!   There are tutorials as well.   

If you need to get a user name and password set up.  Contact Tara Sue Meyers at or  Rita McCabe @  Everyone should be set up as a “subscriber” to at least be able to receive any mass emails or newsletters.  Those who wish to be able to publish to the site would be set up as “contributors”.  Want to add a Story to the Dept. Site?  Click on “New” and “Page”.  After, click “Publish”.  Also go here for a tutorial: you want to add pictures and create a Gallery of photos, first SHRINK your photos in size for easier loading on the website and takes less megabites.  Go to     Click on this, upload your multiple photos.  Shrink by 75% which gets the photos to a good size for websites.  Save the photos to your hard drive somewhere.  Then, click on “Gallery” and “Add Gallery/Images” and upload your photos!   Also go here for a tutorial regarding the gallery. you want to blog: 

ON-LINE REPORTING – The MOST Important Part of Your Job!

You can be doing all sorts of WONDERFUL things for our Veterans, but if you don’t report it, those great deeds do not end up in front of the eyes of our legislators or the National Ladies Auxiliary/VFW!  Reporting of our efforts is KEY to maintaining the strength of our organization.  It is KEY to increasing our membership and helping to maintain the veteran’s benefits they have worked so hard to earn and we are working so hard to protect!  You MUST report what you’re doing to truly help our Veterans at a national level.  We need to make sure that Congress does not take away what these heroes deserve.This year, the on-line reporting has been revamped and simplified!Click on Tools-Reporting Login, then On Line Reporting, then Start Reporting Now! Log in using your auxiliary number as your User Name (i.e. 10722)Then for your password it’s abc123 for everyone.   NOTE:  DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!  Everyone is set up this way for a reason. The only two sections you need to utilize are “Submit Reports” and “View Reports”.  Once you submit a report, it CANNOT BE edited!  You can contact me to delete it then it can be re-entered.  So, BE CAREFUL when you’re entering your information.When you click “Submit Reports” click on the appropriate Program that you wish to submit a report under and click “Continue”.Americanism Example:  Enter your report info, describe, enter the name of the reporter and “submit”. Cancer Aid & Research Example:  Again, fill in all info, person reporting and “submit”.If you need to “Go Back” before you submit, then click the “Go Back” button.  All the information you entered will be lost, however.  They ALL work the same way.   Try to do this on a weekly basis.  Maybe every Sunday evening you sit down at the computer and enter in what was done for the week.  Or, if you’re going to utilize the paper reports to write everything down right away, use those paper reports to put the information into this on-line reporting.  IT IS CRITICAL that you enter members, mileage, money and costs!  ALL this information is tallied at National and truly does help our veterans.  

As you go, you can click the “View Reports” icon and it will show you how many reports you’ve entered in each program so far for the reporting year.  USING THIS ON-LINE REPORTING SYSTEM IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!  We all agreed at the C of A that this is the way to go.  The Department is spending money on this system and it’s vital that all the auxiliaries utilize it. Do not hesitate to contact Webmaster Rita McCabe @ 603-635-1540  if you have questions.  We can walk through step by step on the phone or we can arrange a visit for training. 

ANYONE can input these reports for you.  Utilize your younger members who maybe can’t make meetings or can’t participate much, but they could be at home with the kids and enter these reports for your auxiliary and in that way see what you’re doing and make them feel like they are doing their part!Utilize High School kids who need community service!  Provide them with the hard copy reports and this training guide.  If they have issues they can call me.  Utilize your kids or grandkids!  Sit with them and work this together as a nice bonding experience.  Explain to them what you’ve done, why you did it, why it’s important to report it.  Share your love of veterans with others!There are many, many ways to get this information into the on-line reporting system.  You do not have to do it alone nor do you personally need to be computer savvy. If your Aux. Secretary has a computer, utilize her to help enter reports.  You have plenty of members or family members who CAN help you with this.  Once you do it a few times, you’ll discover it’s not hard at all!! UTILIZE THIS WEBSITE, RESOURCES AND ON-LINE REPORTING!!  It’s there for YOU!! 

Check the calendar and see what’s coming up at the Dept, District or Auxiliary levels.  DISTRICT PRESIDENTS, if there are District events get them on the calendar as well!  If our Auxiliary members and Auxiliaries would support their own and other VFW/Auxiliary events, our Department would be extremely successful, be able to do even more for our veterans AND have a ton of FUN doing it!  Remember why we joined and our purpose.  To support our service members and veterans!  This website and on-line reporting are tools that can help all of us do just that.