Hi Everyone –   Welcome to the Department Secretary’s Section of the Auxiliary website.

Department President wants to be sure there are open communications and that everyone within the Department knows what’s happening during her year.  My job is to see that I give you as much information as I can.  My goal is to update this Secretary’s Section of the Website as often as I have information.  So, please feel free to visit this Section regularly to make sure you are “in the know” with what’s happening in New Hampshire and get the information that you need and can use.

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me at my Department Secretary’s email address NHSecVFWAUX@gmail.com

I wish you all a wonderful, informative, fun and exciting year!!!

Linda Meader

Hello Everyone – This is to let you know that I am happy to forward your information to all the contacts that have asked to be added to the contact list to receive communications and information.  However, these contacts are only connected with this email address, i.e. NHSecVFWAUX@gmail.com Please send all your Auxiliary correspondence to this email address and not my personal email address.  I don’t always have time to read my personal email everyday, so if you want to get information to everyone on the contact list it could be delayed.  I know the information you want sent out is usually important to get to everyone just as soon as possible, so please be sure to use the Department Secretary email address to avoid any delay.
Thanks so much for your help and understanding. If you have any questions, please let me know.  I’m happy to answer them.