Hello again and Happy Spring!

Time is flying by so fast – there is so much that I want to do and not enough time in a year to do it.
One thing on my bucket list that’s now crossed off is the Legislative Conference in Washington D.C. It was great
and I could not have asked for a better guide and leader for that project than Jorge Dreusicke. He knows his stuff
and is a great mentor when it comes to Legislation. I had a great time visiting Senators and Congressmen/women.
But the highlight of the event was getting to walk our Voice of Democracy State winner, Anna, down the aisle to
the stage. What a wonderful young lady and I know she will go far and do great things in this world.
I have to apologize to all for being behind on my visits but three weeks ago, the night I returned home from D.C., I
fell and fractured my back and caused trauma to my spine. My doctor said I will be fine; it is just a long healing
process and wearing an outlandish huge back brace. Nevertheless, you cannot keep this old lady down.
The April Council of Administration will be here on April 29th, followed by the testimonial for the Commander and
myself. I am hoping to see a lot of members there. It will be great to see everyone that I have met, as well as
those I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting.

It is so important that we have a Big Finish in our Membership Program. We currently need only X to reach 100%.
I am asking for everyone’s help to get us to finish the job and get us to the 100% in Membership. Please see if any
of the unpaid members you have are in need of assistance and perhaps you can pay their dues this year, contact
the unpaid and remind them that the dues is due and look for new members who would like to join our ranks. It
would make me so happy for us to finish on a high note. Thank you for all you have done and for what you will do
to help us reach our goal.

Please remember that your reports must be posted to the NH Website by April 15th
. It is important because we need to report to the National Organization by May 1st and the Department Chairmen need to compute the
information from each of our 26 Auxiliaries to get the information to National by May 1st. If you have any
questions at all, please call me or Sandy Hodgkins the Webmaster. Thank you.

It is also important that each Auxiliary pay the dues which $25 and covers $10 for the Hospital Fund, $10 for the
Convention Fund and $10 for the Flag Fund. Currently 4 Auxiliaries remain unpaid. Additionally, it is important
that all Auxiliary Audits are filed with the Treasurer are up to date. Please review the General Information to see
how many Auxiliaries and Districts are not up to date with Department Dues and/or Audits. Both these items
must be cleared up in order for the Auxiliary to vote at Convention. If you think you sent something to the
Treasurer and she doesn’t have it noted, please contact her to check. To be sure.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on April 29th
Dot Mattson
Department President 2022-2023
Department of New Hampshire General Information, March 1, 2023
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