“Challenging the Needs of Our Veterans”
The first C of A is in the books. We enjoyed having District
Council Member #1, Brenda Blair, from Maine there as our National
Representative. It was wonderful to see many members and guests,
from both the VFW and Auxiliary, too. A special thank you to Littleton
VFW and Auxiliary for hosting the state picnic. Good food, good day!
As, we move into September please remember to check your
calendars as there is a lot going on such as two training sessions,
POW-MIA Day Ceremony at the Veterans Cemetery and a Districts #1
and #7 meetings. Be sure to check out the Department Website for
upcoming events, too.
If your VFW or Auxiliary planning to hold a fundraising event for
the Department Commander’s and Department President’s special
project, please let me know so if I am available I would love to attend.
There is a wealth of information prepared by our Department
Chairman that is included in our General Orders. Please take time to
read it. Also, if your Auxiliary Chairmen are not receiving the General
Orders, please ask them to send their email address to the Department
Secretary and they will be able to print just
the information they need for their program to present at your
As we continue to working together, we will continue to help our
veterans, sisters and brothers of this great organization.
Kim Copson
Dept. of NH 2023-2024
Department of New Hampshire General Orders #4, September 1, 2023
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