• Provide care packages to the troops
  • Host send off  and Welcome Home ceremonies for the troops
  • Assist military families with babysitting, household expenses and emotional support
  • Provide Emergency Financial Support for military families
  • Honor the Heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice
  • Volunteer with youth groups
  • Provide large donations to Cancer Research Faciliies in hope of one day having a cure
  • The VFW and the Auxiliary are the Legislative Watchdogs for ALL Veterans’ Rights
  • We promote Patriotism through our Loyalty Day Program where we honor our local heroes – firefighters, police, rescue workers, youth leaders, community leaders, etc.
  • We Never Foget our POW/MIA’s
  • Volunteer at local and VA medical facilities in addition to providing recreational activities at the NH Veterans Home, Manchester and White River Junction Medical Centers and local nursing homes
  • Sponsor Educational Scholarship Programs for students in grades 6 – 12

The benefits of membership in the Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars include:

    • Meeting our Heroes – the Veterans and the military families
    • Cancer grants which help cover costs of medications, etc.
  • We count when the National Commander testifies in Washington, DC on legislation that will help our veterans and military families
  • Financial Assistance
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance – vision, car, prescription, life
  • Cell Phone discounts
  • Socialization with those who understand the military lifestyle
  • VFW National Home provides a home for you, your children, your grandchildren if needed
  • Continuing Education Grants for the member, spouse and children

VFW Auxiliary National Programs:
An Overview

Since 1914, the VFW Auxiliary has united Americans from all walks of life with a common purpose: to improve the lives of veterans, active-duty service members and their families, and our communities. Our National Programs are designed to bring needed services, information and assistance to these groups. Visit vfwauxiliary.org/what-we-do, consult the National Program Book and/or speak to your Auxiliary for more
information about our National Programs.
• Promotes patriotism by celebrating patriotic holidays.
• Teaches respect and proper care for the U.S. Flag.
• Brings attention to Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action by hosting POW/MIA ceremonies to both
educate the public and honor these special veterans.
• Establishes new Auxiliaries.
• Maintains current Auxiliaries.
• Promotes and supports the VFW “Buddy”® Poppy Program.
• Promotes and supports the VFW National Home for Children.
• Promotes the National Home Helpline.
• Compiles and chronicles memories and events in written format, photographs, memorabilia, print news
and video clips.
• Works with local media to promote our National Programs and share how the VFW Auxiliary makes a
positive impact in the lives of veterans, active-duty service members and their families.
• Promotes volunteerism of members, non-members, youth and families in local hospitals, veterans’ homes,
nursing homes, domiciliaries and both VA and non-VA medical centers and clinics. Opportunities vary
based on the facility and age and abilities of the volunteer.

• Encourages members and Auxiliaries to volunteer their time under the direction of another organization for the benefit of the community.




• Promotes the VFW Priority Goals – The Priority Goals reflect the resolutions passed by the VFW to strengthen and ensure an adequate VA system for millions of current and future veterans.
• Promotes VFW Action Corps.
• Encourages all citizens to exercise their right to vote and contact legislators regarding issues impacting veterans and their families.
• The VFW Auxiliary started with a small group of women who wanted to serve veterans. Today, we have nearly 475,000 male and female members and more than 3,500 Auxiliaries representing all 50 states and foreign-based Auxiliaries. Membership in the VFW Auxiliary is an excellent way to show your support of America’s veterans; we encourage you to participate in Auxiliary activities and volunteer projects and to help grow the organization by asking someone else to join.
• Promotes and conducts the VFW Auxiliary Continuing Education Scholarship.
• Promotes and conducts the VFW Auxiliary Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest.
• Promotes and supports the VFW Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest.
• Promotes and supports the VFW Voice of Democracy Audio-Essay Contest.
• Offers support for veterans, service members and their families.
• Promotes veteran and military suicide awareness and prevention.
• Promotes the VFW’s National Veterans Service (NVS).
• Promotes the VFW’s Veterans & Military Support Programs:
• VFW’s “Sport Clips Help-A-Hero Scholarship”
• Unmet Needs
• Military Assistance Program (MAP)
• Sponsors and works with youth groups such as youth sports teams; faith-based youth groups; afterschool programs; youth-focused organizations; school clubs; home-school associations; youth community service groups; nonprofit organization youth advisory councils; service learning and civic departments in high school and colleges, and other youth-oriented groups.
• Promotes and conducts Get Excited for the Red, White and Blue!, a national anthem singing contest for
youth in grades K-12.
• Promotes and conducts Illustrating America, an art contest for elementary and middle/junior high school
• Promotes Patriotism through Literacy.
• Recognizes Random Acts of Patriotism (R.A.P.)
• Recognizes youth and youth groups with Patriotic Youth Awards and Youth Groups Supporting Our
Veterans Citations for their efforts and service projects honoring veterans, active-duty service members
and their families.

• Incorporates respecting the Auxiliary’s past, embracing the present and planning for our organization’s
future by pairing experienced Auxiliary leaders with members who wish to expand their knowledge of the
our organization.