Get your community involved with an Avenue Flag program!  Many communities utilize flags and banners to show their Americanism.    But in some towns the flag poles are empty.  If your community is like these towns, then maybe it’s time to revitalize a local banner program.  A flag program is a great way to bring awareness to the community of the VFW and Auxiliary and towards our efforts with legislation and Americanism programs.

If you are wanting to identify interest in your community for a flag program, here’s what you can do:

  • Visit area businesses and ask if they would support a flag or banner program and report your results to your local auxiliary.
  • Prepare a letter of interest to be presented to your town selectmen at a regularly scheduled meeting.   Keep the objective clear, and the process open for suggestions–when flags will be displayed, where, what type, design, sourced through the VFW Auxiliary.
  • Contact your local town hall to be added to the meeting agenda.
  • Inform your members of the date and time of meeting to present a request for input from the community on providing flags and hardware to support a flag or banner program.  Come prepared, in uniform, with multiple copies of your letter.   Include all supporting information and remember to enjoin citizen input!
  • Get permission from the selectmen to work on developing the program with their assistance!

Each community is unique, so consider current and future plans for flags and try to work with area groups and residents.

If you would like to engage your community in a program to bring messages of unity, community or Americanism to your town, a sample letter from Auxiliary 7663 to the town of Wakefield is provided below for reference.    You can also view the video recording of our efforts here online.  The Auxiliary 7663 presentation begins at the 38 minute mark with Bonnie Nicholas.   Members of the Aux 7663 are here to help you with your efforts.  We’ll keep you updated on sourcing flags, hardware and how this community develops their flag and banner program so that you may strengthen or develop your own to support veterans, Americanism and local legislation in support thereof!

Legislate Americanism:  Fulfill multiple program duties through one macro project!

Already have an active flag program in your community?  Tell us about it!

Wakefield flag programpdf

Tara Sue Myers Tara Sue Clark Tara Sue Grubb


11 March 2015


Fellow Citizens,
Our local VFW & Auxiliary has supported area veterans for almost 70 years. Today sisters of the founding volunteers of 1946 still serve this organization; they and our membership ask you to consider the following.

Many communities fly the American flag throughout their streets, but here in Wakefield, empty flagpoles line the roads and towers where initiative once waved.

We would like to invite the Town of Wakefield and area businesses and residents to consider working with the local VFW Auxiliary to support sponsorship of flags or memorial banners to adorn our streets, and see that they are properly placed. We are open to any suggestions regarding the make, design, maintenance and seasonal use of new or existing flag or banner poles.

We would like to know more about what steps may be necessary and how we might launch an Americanism program for Wakefield to support a flag event. Our Americanism Chair, Rose Askins has experience with similar town programs and will be happy to share her experience.

We hope you are interested in supporting a revitalized flag program, not only to recognize local veterans, but to distinguish our home to visitors, neighbors, friends and engage the Town to help produce something unique to Wakefield.


Yours in service,
Tara Sue Myers
LA VFW NH 7663

LA VFW NH Legislative Chair 2015